- Price 1 (very little weeding) - $2.99

- Price 2 (some weeding) - $3.99

- Price 3 (involved weeding) - $5.99


Yeti / Rtic / Coffee Mug Decal (3" inches)

Also works for decorating your laptop, Car, Windows, Cell Phone or just about anything with a smooth surface.


The size of the decal will be 3 inches on the longest side.  

Many color options available


The Coffee Mug is NOT INCLUDED, used for display purposes only!

Logo on display is not to scale.

** Please measure your cup to make sure this size will work for your item. **


- Precision cut / 5+ yrs outdoor expectancy / 10+ yrs indoor  /  Waterproof



Die cut decals have no background.  The window or whatever the decal is applied to will be the background color/surface.


- Clean and dry surface using Windex or similar.

- Do not apply in direct hot sun, or surfaces that are still hot from being left in the sun.  60-90 degrees F is ideal.


- Lay the decal facing up on a hard flat surface.  Use a squeegee or credit card and rub the decal to make sure the decal is properly adhered to transfer tape before application.



Remove wax/paper backing from decal, making sure the decal is still fully intact with the transparent transfer tape (do not touch the adhesive part of the decal with your fingers, this could prevent the decal from sticking).


Carefully position decal in desired location (make sure it is where you want it before touching down onto surface)


Use a squeegee or credit card and firmly press decal onto surface, starting from center out, in all directions until there are no bubbles and decal is completely adhered to surface.


Carefully remove transparent transfer tape from decal, by folding it back onto itself and pulling gently, making sure that no part of the decal comes up with the transfer tape.  If a corner or small part of the decal does come up, lay that portion of the decal back down and squeegee that area until it stays down when peeling off transfer tape.


If done correctly, there should be no air bubbles in your decal.  If there are bubbles, you can place a small flat portion of the removed transfer tape over the problem area and squeegee bubbles out the edge of the decal.  If this still does not work, you can poke a pin hole in the bubble and work the air out with your fingers or the squeegee.

Mug Decal Examples